Check out Eternal Hazards Twitch channel, Great Streamer, plays Destiny doing trials carries and many more games.


NightBomberTv is a funny & great guy, plays on Xbox One mainly but also plays PS4. Nightbomber is a very experience Call of Duty player. Streams are always great, check him out.


Snacks plays on PC games like Battlerite, Overwatch, and Brawlhalla but you might catch him playing some campaign games sometimes.


Yuiopads is weird but very lovable, playing games on PC and some console. Very friendly and did we say “weird”. Check him out.


MrXedec is the Founder and Co-Owner of XedecNation. He likes to stream a lot of games when he is not working or with family. He likes to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out his channel.