About Us

Who We Are?

XedecNation (XN) aspires to be the most player-focused gaming organization in the world. We believe in gamer-focused interaction can result in a dynamic eSports experience as well as branding for our sponsors. Gamers are the foundation of our community and because of them we continue to evolve and improve the XN experience. We develop not only professional gamers but amateur players as well along with content in various medias. We as gamers know that a gaming life isn’t just living a personal one but living and playing as characters. We live through our games, we laugh, we cry, and we get angry for many reasons. Whether it be because we are competing, keep dying, or a character we have grown attached to has died. We are all gamers in this community as XN strives to be a huge part of that. As gamers, we want all gamers to “Grow with us,  Game with us”. Keep on gaming.